Friday, April 20, 2018

Expressionist Portrait,Figurative, McCartney Family, Maybe I’m Amazed Series “James” by International Abstract Artist Amanda Saint Claire

Contemporary Art

It was twenty years ago this week, but Sgt Pepper wasn't teaching the band to play on March 17, 1998, instead  lovely Linda died in her husband's arms and the world lost a beautiful soul, caring mother, earth and animal advocate, celebrated photographer, and musical muse.  Linda Eastman McCartney spent 29 years at the side of Paul McCartney singing and composing music with him and raising their four beautiful children when at the age 56 she lost her fight with breast cancer.

Three years ago I started a passion project I call "Maybe I'm Amazed" as a tribute to Linda McCartney.  Linda was often ridiculed by the entertainment industry despite have achieved success as a photographer prior to her marriage to Paul by being the first female to land a Rolling Stones cover with Eric Clapton, and yet Linda did not live in her famous husband's shadow, she shared it. 

As an artist, the key to joy and success for me, is always being aware of the WHY.  Why am I making a particular painting or series of paintings?   This series comes directly from my heart as their music and their relationship filled me with hope during a very lonely childhood.  My intention all along has been to gift these paintings to her family in her memory but even if that does not happen the joy has been in the creation as I've been able to experience gratitude and whimsy. With each piece I have attempted to capture an element of the personality from their children with Linda appearing in each as a red horse.  The compositions are based on compilations of Linda's original photographs. There are also two unfinished pieces that will be forthcoming that represent Linda and Paul. These are unique in my body of work both in composition and style and yet they scream Saint Claire as they are truly so personal to me. 

I had hoped that I would have all 6 paintings ready by today, but as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."  

76"x51"x1.5" Mixed Media on Canvas-Available

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