Saturday, May 8, 2021

"Cave Dive" by International Abstract Artist Arrachme

Material- Mixed mediums on canvas- Sealed with acrylic resin 

Exhibitions- Awards- Cataloged – Incheon International Marine Exhibition 2019- South Korea Exhibited, published, and cataloged- Gogyoshi Art Project International Non-profit. The flowing movement using a variety of techniques by combining mediums resins and inks allows recognizable images to emerge and reveal themselves. Extensive traveling on water inspired me to create art that demonstrates the free feeling that is the result when different forceful waters converge. Intrigued that they always calm, blending into the rhythm of the ocean. I am honored to belong to groups of colleagues that also care deeply about humanitarian and global environmental issues.

24"x18"  Acrylics on Canvas/Available

Fine Art Reproductions are also available.

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